Suaoki 12volt Portable Pressure Washer Review

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Suaoki 12v Portable pressure washer
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A very useful portable pressure washer for cars, motorhomes, caravans, mountain bikes, camping, pet cleaning, car washing, plants watering, windows and any other application that you might have where either mains electricity or access to running mains water is a problem.
Complete kit includes storage bags for the water bucket and hose and two included accessories - a shower head and a long soft bristle brush. rated at between 3 and 9 bar ( 45 -130 psi) it is still powerful enough for the listed tasks. The bucket reservoir holds 15 litres ( just over 3.5 UK gallons) and will last for about 10 minutes or so depending upon the flow rate of the trigger spray or attached accessory. Styled in grey and bright orange and conveniently the bucket platform folds up to become a convenient carrying handle. The 10mm hose is about 6 metres long and sufficient to allow working around an average sized car. The power lead is about 3 metres long and fitted with a polarised plug on the pump connector and the usual cigarette lighter plug on the other. The unit is rated at 60watts or 5 amperes so prolonged use from the car battery may run the risk of flattening the battery so it's best to have the car on idle if this long operating time is anticipated. In the video I show some alternative power sources that may overcome this.
The video shows some applications of the unit, just quick demonstrations, the proper job would be executed with a little more care. The unit seems well made and in the most part durable plastics used. The only minor criticism is that there is no storage bag for the pump unit itself and the long brush doesn't fit any of the two other zippered bags which hold the bucket an the hose.

items shown in video:
the cigarette lighter socket with crocodile clips:

for mains operation suitable power adaptors
110v to 12v 8A adaptor Amazon USA
240v to 12v 10A Amazon UK adaptor

EC5 wired connector for 12v Jump starter Amazon USA
Amazon UK

Suaoki 12000mAh jump starter on Amazon USA
on Amazon UK

Suaoki 12volt Portable Pressure Washer Review

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