Review: 7″ HD monitor with HDMI for $56

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7" HD Monitor w/HDMI input (black mahogany):
7" HD Monitor w/HDMI input (brushed silver):
7" HD Monitor w/HDMI input, power supply & HDMI cable (black mahogany):
7" HD Monitor w/HDMI input, power supply & HDMI cable (brushed gray):
7" HD Monitor w/HDMI input, power supply & HDMI cable (brushed gold):

Since looking to update my 7" standard definition monitor to a high definition version, I could never find anything with an HDMI input under $100. One day I stumbled across this model which appeared to be on clearance for a crazy $56. I immediately bought one and the rest sold out. I am happy to report that not only is this an amazing value, but that they are back in stock on Amazon. Here is my full review.


90 degree down right angle mini male HDMI to female HDMI adapter:
90 degree right angle mini HDMI male to female HDMI adapter:
male HDMI to male HDMI coupler:
9" mini HDMI male to mini male HDMI cable:

Sony F970 battery:

Sony F970 F550 battery cradle:
Sony F970 F550 battery charger:

"Black Brick" 12v battery w/charger:

Spring loaded cell phone mount with 1/4-20" threads:
2x male to male 1/4" thread adapter:

English (SAE) tap and die set:

The Frugal Cage:
Review of the Fotodiox 7" Power Arm:
Review of the Fotodiox 96 LED light:

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Review: 7″ HD monitor with HDMI for $56

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