Logitech UE Boom Portable Speaker Review

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Logitech UE Boom is the company's all new portable speaker system. The UE BOOM is a 360ยบ speaker that provides a very crisp, bold, immersive sound in every direction. This cylindrical portable speaker is water resistant to give you the flexibility of having the speaker system almost everywhere, from bbq to the pool side. Battery life on the UE Boom is phenomenal, with up to 16 hour battery life, allow you to listening to music for hours on en; plus tap the + and -- buttons to hear how much power is left on the system. The UE Boom can connect via, aux, Bluetooth and NFC; NFC connectivity didn't seem to work well for me but over Bluetooth the music quality was sharp and crisp, filling up the room with great sound. The UE Boom also comes with a UE Boom companion app on iOS and Android that allows you to double up and have two UE Boom speakers and have dual stereo sound. Plus the app allow syou to set your listening type to take full advantage of the speakers. The UE Boom retails for $199, available in six colors and is worth every penny in sound alone, plus the other features of water resistance and the companion app make for a very compelling case of a portable Speaker system that has summer written all over it.

The $ UE Boom is a versatile and durable wireless Bluetooth speaker that plays loud and is great for on the go use..Buy Ultimate Ears BOOM Phantom Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof and Shockproof Portable Bluetooth Speakers Amazon.com FREE . Ultimate Ears UE Boom review A semi waterproof portable speaker whose design is based on a bottle of water..Khanka EVA Hard Case Travel Carrying Storage Bag for Ultimate Ears UE BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker. Fits USB Cable and Wall Charger Black.After listening to a total of portable Bluetooth speakers over the past two years, we think the UE Roll is the best choice for most listeners..The UE Boom came out about two years ago, and it's cruised along as one of the better portable Bluetooth speakers on the market since then. That doesn't mean .I looked for a portable bluetooth speaker and I UE Boom like the best in his category. After bying it, I heard about Fugoo. Returned the Boom and bought the Fugoo.. Here is a link to the new UE Boom vs Bose Soundlink Mini Video Ultimate Ears UE Boom by Logitech vs Bose SoundLink Mini .The UE Boom is our current pick for portable Bluetooth speaker. It's the size and shape of a tall beer can, and is designed to be placed in the center of the action .Both the Bose SoundLink Mini and UE Boom are excellent portable Bluetooth speakers, but which one is best?.

Logitech UE Boom Portable Speaker Review

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