LifeChanger diaper bag and portable changing station by Anna & Eve

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Freedom From Worry Will Change Your Life… The LifeChanger® Diaper Bag

Never worry again about where you will change your baby’s diaper—The LifeChanger® Diaper Bag, is a diaper bag and portable changing surface that will enable you to change your baby’s diaper literally anywhere—even on your lap!

Keep your baby safe and clean! No more worry about the hygiene of a public changing table, The LifeChanger® fits perfectly on diaper stations in public restrooms. The soft cotton interior pad is super comfy for baby and machine washable.

No Changing station in the restroom?! No Problem! The LifeChanger’s® unique and revolutionary design allows you to sit and change your little one safely and hygienically on your lap. The flip-out pockets hang from the edge of the bag so diapers and creams are always within reach and off the floor—you will never have to sit anything on a dirty floor again!

Save money! Use The LifeChanger® as the changing pad for your home changing table— converts any stable, flat surface into a changing table. You no longer need duplicate sets of changing supplies for your table and diaper bag—when you are ready to go out with baby, just flip in the supply pouches, zip and go!

Ideal for air-travel, road trips & city living with baby. The LifeChanger® will open across your lap in a plane creating a flat comfy surface for your baby to be changed or even sleep! The LifeChanger® will fit easily under the seat in front of you.

Perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle! Convertible straps allow you to wear as a backpack, shoulder bag or messenger bag. Attaches to any stroller. You will always have your changing table with you, wherever you are—in the park, at a friend’s house, at the grandparents or a hotel!

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LifeChanger diaper bag and portable changing station by Anna & Eve

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