How To Blowdry Black Hair Fast! My Natural 4c Bonnet Hair Blow Dryer Product Review

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The Bonnet Blow Dryer Cap -

No matter if you have natural hair or relaxed hair, at one point or another, being able to blow dry your hair can make life just a little bit easier!

A struggle with blow drying hair, especially thick curly hair, is that it takes a long time to dry your hair and, some areas may be dryer than others.

Using this bonnet has saved me so much time in my natural hair care routine/regimen because I am able to allow my hair to blowdry on it's on while checking email messages or going over tasks that I have planned.

Don't be afraid to use this as it aids you even with a natural hair roller set or a relaxed hair roller set.

A little heat never hurts every once in a while!

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How To Blowdry Black Hair Fast! My Natural 4c Bonnet Hair Blow Dryer Product Review

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