FuelRod Kiosks at Walt Disney World

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My Disney Experience has changed the way we tour the parks, but it can quickly drain your phone's battery. For years I have been bringing external battery packs into the parks. But what happens when that battery is dead, or you forget to charge it overnight at the resort? The new FuelRod exchange program that has debuted across the parks is a game changer! You simply buy a battery for a one time $30 fee, then you can exchange it all over the parks for a new fully charged battery. I hope this catches on and these get installed at the gas station, mall and grocery stores. Here's a tip- if you want to save $10 you can pre-purchase your FuelRod online directly at http://www.fuel-rod.com

Starting July , guests can purchase portable charging batteries at FuelRod kiosks that will be added to Walt Disney World theme parks, Disney Springs, and the ESPN .Walt Disney World's FastPass system and Magic Bands are great benefits that are part of the set of fairly new technologies collectively known as My Magic Plus..

FuelRod Kiosks at Walt Disney World

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