Facts about the Diamond Doctor Court Order

Cummings Manookian law firm has started filing a couple of class action lawsuits. These centre on the dumping of intentionally over-graded diamonds by the billions of dollars on multiplied hundreds of thousands of clients. It can assist victims of diamond fraud to obtain a Diamond Doctor Court Order.

Diamond Doctor Court Order

Grading of Diamond

A lab report refers to an independent assessment of 4Cs for a loose diamond, including a plotted diagram showing clarity characteristics of the stone along with graphic representation of its proportions. Having a report like this makes it possible comparing diamonds of variable qualities, which ultimately enables you to make a better informed purchasing decision. Check out Ddiamond Doctor Lawsuit.

Diamond over-grading refers to the practice of misrepresenting the characteristics of a particular diamond-piece deliberately to the consumer. In most cases, a jeweler puts the claim that either one or more of its 4Cs (carat, color, cut and clarity) is greater than its actual grade. Doing this affords the jeweler room for charging the public much more than the stone’s true grade commands. The law firm of Cummings Manookian can acquire a Diamond Doctor Court Order on behalf of any consumer with such a complaint.

Fraudulent Action by Diamond Merchants

Unscrupulous jewelers and wholesalers have for years passed off diamonds of inferior quality as high-grade stones aided by a global commercial conspiracy. They usually have them “graded” or “certified” by well-known fraudulent grading houses. These grading outfits issued bogus certificates that purported grading the 4Cs of a diamond using GIA terminology that is industry-accepted, under request from diamond merchants. The certificates in reality overstated the quality of these diamonds intentionally and consistently on the GIA scale by up to five grades.

By over-grading the diamonds, dishonest jewelers, wholesalers as well as grading organizations undertook a successful Diamond Doctor Scam, ripping off the U.S. public by the billions of dollars. Consumers were in many cases charged premium prices for low-grade jewelry. Securing a Diamond Doctor Court Order is a commendable recourse for such individuals.

Seeking Legal Redress

Cummings Manookian law firm based in Nashville is ready to file a Diamond Doctor Lawsuit for any complainant affected by the conspiracy. It has pioneered a legal avenue to enable recovery for clients defrauded through the ignoble practice of over-grading diamonds. The firm filed the initial cases countrywide on the issue. Its lawsuits played a key role in the downfall and subsequent disbanding of EGL International, which was among the grading organizations known to be most notorious for practicing the vice.

Cummings Manookian determined that the fraudulent exercise of diamond over-grading was highly-pervasive within the diamond industry, following a nationwide investigation that lasted for a month. The law firm established that multiple class as well as mass actions are necessary to provide a remedy for the numerous victims affected by this deceptive action. A number of regionally and nationally-acclaimed merchants are enjoined in the suits as defendants.

The fraud committed was of widespread nature, which coupled along with attorney’s fees and availability of triple damages could make the lawsuits the largest consumer action ever to hit the jewelry industry.

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