Crosley Cruiser Record Player Review

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PLEASE READ: Since making this video many record enthusiasts who know a great deal more than me about players have said this is a very poor player and far better can be bought for the same price if cheaper - even a vintage one. I can say this player is very popular with younger people like myself into the 50s/60s scene but its still probably not a good buy. Apparently it 'carves' into the records on a minute scale, which I don't see why it matters particularly much if its so subtle it cannot be noticed, but prolonged use on collectible records doesn't sound like a wise decision. This video was made simply from a 'joe bloggs' perspective, and it was based only on first impressions. I still have it and it works great for the odd spin but I'm sure technically its not good compared to other turntables.

I get out the Crosley Cruiser Record Player and give some vinyl a spin. Design is outstanding high 8/10, whilst the inbuilt speakers are 6/10 for quality - helped by their inbuilt portability, but decreased by the expectation to need to attach bigger speakers if you want something louder. It does also struggle to play new records as their smoothness causes it to slip and jump often.

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Louie Louie - The Kinks
The View From the Afternoon - Arctic Monkeys

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Crosley Cruiser Record Player Review

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