Best Portable Projectors of 2017 | Wifi + Bluetooth Smart Under $500

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Best Portable projectors of 2017 Available Now
AXAA P700 Pro (Discount): (Amazon)
ZTE SPro2: (Amazon)
Wowoto H8 (Discount): (Amazon)
Toumei V3 (Discount):
Optoma Intelligo S1: (Amazon)
All under $500

My Projector screen: (Amazon)

Want to know what Camera I Used?
Link Here: (Amazon)

Want to know what Lighting I Used?
Link Here: (Amazon)

This Mini Portable smart projector has bluetooth and wifi! And Yes it is under $200 on
I will provide the link shortly for the gear best pricing!

To enter to win a free projector send a short clip of you rotating the peace signs to

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Best Portable Projectors of 2017 | Wifi + Bluetooth Smart Under $500

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