A Preview of Events Calendar for F1 Grand Prix Races and Other International Sports Events

The annual calendar for Formula 1 (F1) season is often released well in advance to allow teams, spectators, marketers, service providers and other facilitators to schedule their programs conveniently. Notably, the Asia-Pacific region has increasingly emerged as a leading host of the most exciting F1 Grand Prix races. For instance, Melbourne, Australia, often plays host to the season’s opener in March. China, Canada, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, and the United States are the other Asia-Pacific countries that feature in F1’s coveted calendar. And when it comes to tickets, accommodation and flight packages, Asia-Pacific region boasts a wide pool of approved agents and facilities. You can access the best bargains for your preferred travel packages, whether seeking for Singapore grand prix packages, Melbourne grand prix packages or full-season grand prix packages. An interesting aspect about Asia’s tourism circuits is that many of the countries in the region have lengthy high-season spells.

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The Case of Singapore F1 Race

Singapore experiences dry spell and moderate temperatures from January through to October, with the rains coming in only in November and December. Looking at the 2016 season, the Singapore Grand Prix is scheduled to take place at the famous Marina Bay Street Circuit on September 18, 2016, well before the onset of rains. For an F1 enthusiast seeking a warm and fun-filled tropical holiday, this makes such a perfect race in the F1 calendar, although it is worth negotiating your Singapore grand prix packages well in advance. The designated date for the Singapore race happens to coincide with the high season in the country’s tourism calendar.

Therefore, when negotiating your preferred Singapore grand prix packages, your prices will be determined by the length of your stay, your preferred ticket category, the zoning of your access, the number of tickets in group buy and the timing of your purchase. Ticketing establishments usually applies lower charges for early reservations and regular or premium prices as the dates of events draw closer. For example, the Keith Prowse Travel (KPT) offers customers bonuses and a couple of other extras for early-bird bookings. As such, the early reservations can land you a vantage position at the Grandstand and extras, such as post-race parties and entertainment, at affordable rates compared to late bookings.

Enjoying a Cocktail of Other Exciting Sports

For fans and spectators of other sports disciplines, there are always varieties of sports, ranging from rugby 7s, tennis grand slams, golf open tournaments, to Motor GP grand prix, to choose from. It is all about choosing your favorite sport and a date that best suits your schedule, be it a holiday trip or vacation. The good thing about these sporting events is that they are always accompanied by full travel and accommodation packages. For instance, the hong kong 7s packages come with the convenience of securing tickets, flight and accommodation for specific matches or entire tournament. As for horse race lovers, the Melbourne cup package would be ideal either select race horses or entire event. And for a tennis enthusiast, you can never run short of cost-saving offers for Australian open packages, for as long as you make your reservations in advance. These varieties of fun experiences are testimony that sports tourism is fast becoming a mainstream product. A lot of tourism facilities generate a lot of revenues from the entourage of organizers, participants, fans and media fraternity that grace these different sets of sports. For more information please visit this site http://www.kpt.com.au/events/singapore-grand-prix/