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Steps to Observe When Building a Granny Flat

Since they are becoming more popular in the market, many homeowners in Brisbane now consider having granny flats on their primary dwellings. The demand for the secondary dwelling comes from the benefits owners can get from it. However, to get started, you need support from a reliable company for granny flats Brisbane has, to help you with the requirements of the structure.

Granny Flats Brisbane

Granny Flats Brisbane

Generally, most residential properties qualify for granny flats Brisbanecompanies build. However, it is also important to check with local council authorities to find out if there is any restriction about a particular case. You can do that by getting a planning certificate from the local council.

All the same, provided your primary dwelling is more than 450 square meters and the granny flat you intend to construct will not take more than 60% of the space, then your primary dwelling qualifies for a granny flat. It is advisable to involve a certified company for granny flats Brisbane market has to help you figure out if your property is suitable.

Doing your homework

While they are cheaper to construct and are attached to a primary dwelling, it is important to get current legislation regarding construction of granny flats before you can start the project. Therefore, the best thing to do is to contact your local council as legislation varies from one area to another. Companies that specialize in building portable granny flats Brisbane market has today, can also help you with tips on construction and council requirements.

Sometimes the size of the block is the main requirement that determines the construction of Brisbane granny flats. Once the primary dwelling meets the size requirements, what you may need is an approval from a certified granny flat builder, which may take up to ten days.

On the other hand, if you have to go through the council to get approval, the process takes between six and eight weeks to complete, and it depends on the specific requirements of a local council. General requirements for constructing a granny flat include:

·         The granny flat belongs to the owner of the primary property

·         Each primary residential property must accommodate one granny flat

·         Granny flats cannot exist on a community title, subdivided title, or on a strata title.

·         Granny flats cannot exist on a commercial property that is unoccupied

·         Granny flats must have their own separate and clear pedestrian access

Financing granny flats

As you do with a primary residential property, financing a granny flat may require you to approach a reliable lender. In some cases, homeowners use the equity in their main dwelling to finance the construction of a granny flat.

It is also essential to have your main dwelling valued to determine its worth, as this can give you a clear view of whether it can finance the construction of the granny flat. While granny flat builders have their estimates, it is advisable to get appropriate help from experts to choose the right home plan that can work for you.

For additional information about the most reliable granny flats builders Brisbane market has for homeowners, visit

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Reducing Your Electricity Usage through Power Factor Correction

The Power Factor measures the efficacy with which you are using the power that has been supplied to you by the utility companies. The Power Factor is expressed as a numerical value which ranges from zero to one. You are likely to see it expressed in your utility bills usually as the peak demand charges for your installations. If your installation is not using the supplied power more efficiently, this value is likely to range from 0.6 to 0.9. The aim of the peak demand reduction Brisbane services is to bring this value as close to 1 as possible. 1 is the ideal PF value although it is not very easy to attain.

peak demand reduction brisbane

peak demand reduction brisbane

Generally, it can take your Power Factor anywhere from 0.95 to 1.00, then your installations can be said to be consuming electricity in a very efficient way. In the situation where the PF value is low, this is likely to have a very negative impact on your electrical bills. If you are a large business owner, there is, therefore, a very strong imperative to achieve Brisbane Power Factor reduction for your business in order to save on your bills. Now most Australian businesses are running against time. It is no longer just a choice that you have to make as the failure to adopt Power Factor Correction for your installations will result in significant electricity bills. Power companies are now going to penalize you for the low power factors by pricing the apparent power.

It doesn’t look good for businesses that cannot afford to lose any money since these are changes which are directly going to impact your business bottom-line as new pricing model is coming up soon enough. You can achieve Brisbane power factor reduction with the help of the power factor correction equipment installed by an energy company with the right sets of specialization.

The Power Factor Correction Equipment

The Power Factor Correction equipment are used in the Power Factor reduction SEQ services. These are also called the Capacitor Banks. They are very efficient in correcting the inefficiencies in the energy supplies while at the same time reducing the peak demand within your electrical network. Once you have installed the Capacitor Banks, you will not have to worry about the high cost of the peak demand charges.

The peak demand reduction Brisbane services offer your business an opportunity to achieve better efficiencies in your network, save money and also reduce your carbon footprints along the way. It is a low cost and fast way to improve your energy efficiency.

Prepare Your Business for the kVA-Based Demand Charges

If you have been following up on the developments in the electricity supply sector, then you must have heard about the new kVA-based tariffs that will be introduced by Brisbane-based utility service provider, Energex. You will now be paying your power bills based on what you are supplied with and not what you actually use. This naturally means that you will be paying a lot of cash for what you are not actually using.

Peak Demand Reduction Brisbane Installers

This is why it is very critical for businesses to learn how to reduce electricity usage Brisbane provides through the Power Factor Correction services. Businesses need to find reputable installers in South East Queensland capable of helping them optimize their electrical networks before the new Energex pricing regime kicks off. Visit

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