1985 Sears SR-3000 Portable B&W TV

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This neglected Sears portable B&W television was seen deserted and cast off to the outermost fringe of somebody's driveway, awaiting its eventual destruction by the trash collection when I rescued it.

Dismissing its blemished appearance, its functional condition is in good health and its AM tuner is leaps and bounds better than what is usually slapped in as an afterthought in contemporary AM/FM radios and tuners.

The irony of The S.O.S. Band's Take Your Time (Do It Right) playing at 15:52 is heavy. Had I actually taken the time (and done it right) by using a tripod with the camcorder, what followed shortly thereafter wouldn't have transpired. At the camcorder's expense, we get to see what exactly happens when a MiniDV camcorder is dropped onto an uncarpeted floor.

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1985 Sears SR-3000 Portable B&W TV

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